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HEALTH STADIUMS are developed to support the health and wellness of athletes rising, professional, and retired through advanced building infrastructure and proprietary technologies, systems coupled with intelligent operations, devices, and human connections, allowing insight into performance, nutrition, injury prevention, and post-injury healing and rehabilitation.

Our HEALTH STADIUMS in Florida include :

  • Pensacola ;  Home of the  Pensacola Leopards

  • Tallahassee ;  Home of the  Tallahassee Condors

  • Daytona ;  Home of the  Daytona Pythons

  • Orlando ;  Home of the  Orlando Pumas

  • Tampa ;  Home of the  Tampa Barracudas

  • Fort Pierce ;  Home of the  Ft. Pierce Caimans

  • Fort Myers ;  Home of the  Ft. Myers Wolves

  • Palm Beach ;  Home of the  Palm Beach Lions

  • Fort Lauderdale ;  Home of the  Ft. Lauderdale Hawks

  • Miami ;  Home of the  Miami Orcas


HEALTH STADIUMS can be found online :

Future Athletes, Coaches and Vendors can access the tenant interface online early and directly online :


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