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PONTE HEALTH was founded in Florida, in 2016.  Our company's mission is "To Help Expand the Healing Community"  and we do so by Working to Deliver the Most Integrative, Most Innovative, Most High-performing Environments for Health.

Our CEO, Ponte, founded the company after many months of introspection and in response to a first-hand poor patient experience a current healthcare system provided to her and to her family at a critical time ;  she also founded the company to satisfy a deep necessity and interest, and as an ode to her grandfather and father-in-law, both physicians devoted to their practice and specialties in their time. The Covid-19 pandemic and response efforts around the world only strengthened our purpose, mission and vision at PONTE HEALTH.

​Each “Health” initiative we undertake, brand and projects, are conceptualized and developed centered around the outcomes that best support our residents, patients, staff, and the communities we serve.

PONTE HEALTH continually promotes a strong Health and Wellness culture for our in house teams and staff, and we encourage external partners to take part, 
as we believe at our core that living in Health and Wellness is a continuous state of the mind.

Throughout our work we additionally implement strong Sustainability and Resilience plans and principles, doing our part to help alleviate and improve our environment, and our planet, while also implementing strong Diversity efforts promoting Equity in market and industry.
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